Around 8 PM EST on March 4, I registered a new domain with Cyberpixels, intending to change the nameservers when I received my username and password to Enom. They charge $7 for domain registrations and up until now, I have been completely satisfied with their hosting of my original domain and account--as well as their technical support. None of my tickets have ever been open more than three hours without an answer.

The next night -- March 5 -- the domain I had asked for had been registered under the Cyberpixels contact information which was the normal way of business. I would change it to my own information once I logged into Enom. They process setup within 24 hours and now all I needed was my email confirmation with the necessary user name and password.

When it didn't arrive, I assumed there must have been some error on my part--maybe I misspelled my email address. It doesn't happen often but mistakes happen. I opened a helpdesk ticket with an urgent priority since I need to get this domain set up and off the ground this weekend.

I emailed my hosts as well and posted on the boards. It's now about 1 PM EST March 6, and I have had no word from my host. Since it's a weekend, I'm willing to be a little lenient and wait until 8 PM EST tonight--even though their helpdesk is supposed to be staffed 24/7.

What I need to know...what are my options? Since my credit card was changed with the registering of the domain, can I contact Enom with this information to gain control of the access panel despite Cyberpixels being the registrant at the moment?