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    Best places to host a gameserver?

    I need a data center in Chicago and Texas for my company. We host game servers. Please give me some recommendations on who I should go with. I was thinking for texas I could go with

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    What is your budget?

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    Servermatrix works fine for Texas and for game servers. Not sure about Chicago. We used to have one at FDC, but we didn't find the demand sufficient to maintain servers in 4 different locations. So we streamlined it to 3, broadly categorised as West, East, Central. Works fine.
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    I'd recommend Equinix. They have facilities in both Dallas, Texas and in Chicago, IL.

    Equinix is bandwidth-neutral, so you'd have to get bandwidth from a provider. There are quite a few providers that are perfect for game hosting, including Peer1 and InterNAP.

    Joe Cooper at Peer1 could give you bandwidth pricing, jcooper <at> - and Equinx can be contacted using their contact form on their website.

    Hope this helps
    John Kata

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    I play CS on a server that's hosted at (chicago level 3) that's the IP to it if you want to try it out.

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    You might also try using Server Central for bandwidth in Equinix Chicago. Similar setup to InterNAP from what I hear, and no doubt much cheaper. Get ahold of Jordan at ServerCentral.

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    541 (chicago level 3) would be your best bet. they have some good prices, unlike peer1 you would pay a bit more, but for the lower budget id recomend coloquest.

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