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    PHP Job - Online Text Based Game

    I have contacted a few people already but since my budget is rather low I decided to post a thread here. PLEASE don't reply saying that what I'm offering isn't enough money for this job, etc. If you are willing to do it, reply, otherwise, keep the thread clean.

    To start off, the budget is $140, not a penny more, not a penny less

    The task:

    An online text based rpg (see:

    I have a MySQL table containing the statistics for all the units in the game along with images to go along with that. The php work will comprise of the following:

    -a membership registration system using sessions and email verification
    -a battle system created to detailed specification
    -an economy system for resource gathering

    Some insight into the game:

    There are four kingdoms, players will be randomly assigned to a kingdom upon registration. This cannot be changed. Each player will control a fort. That fort will comprise of peasants that gather food and gold, a barracks which trains units, a siege factory for attacking other forts, and a research building. Each unit has a certain amount of taxation assigned to them depending on their strength. This limits the number of strong units that each fort can have. Units are divided into four categories:

    archers, infantry, cavalry and siege engines

    Each has their own attack, defense and movement points
    Some are only effective against other units, while some only against buildings

    A player cannot have more than one fort, however, when he captures an enemy fort, his peasant and military limits are increased to account for the newly acquired territory. (Basically, he integrates the farmland and production buildings of the captured territory)

    The movement attribute will determine the time (in hours) that it will take for the units to commense the attack and return from the battle.

    There will be no actual map; everything will be positioned in a virtual cyberspace.

    The game should be designed in such a manner that no one kingdom can be eliminated, and that power is always balanced to some extent.

    On resource gathering:

    the user will distribute his villagers between trade and harvesting

    each hour, a formula should calculate the amount of resources his peasants bring in, and add it on to his totals

    This is the part that I could not accomplish myself as I am clueless on how to create a realtime game

    I realize it is a complicated task but hopefully there is someone out there who can do this. Design work is not necessary but should comprise of simple tables in a nice color scheme, with the only images being of the game logo + the unit pictures.

    Contact me via PM or reply if interested.
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    I can do this for you, and at the $140 rate. It looks like it will take 4-5 days to finish everything you outlined.

    You have some good details, however I would need more details if you would like me to complete this for you.

    Email me directly or PM me.
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