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    Angry Ipowerweb = Total Sh?t

    IPOWERWEB is total sh?t. I have cancelled our account three times. Everytime they say that we will get our moneys back in seven days. After one month of waiting... nothing... after another email and another month of waiting.... nothing. They also charged our old creditcard number after cancelling... well creditcard number is ok, but cvv number is old. I did receive emails from IPOWERWEB that our creditcard number is not ok... after I cancelled our account with email. They just left cvv out and they managed to charge our creditcard.

    Well... I have called to our creditcard company here in Finland (Luottokunta) and they will do a chargeback. IPOWERWEB did have over 2 months to pay our moneys back.

    I was a happy customer... but I am not anymore.

    - Jussi Orpana

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    hehehe im glad your doing a chargeback, they may not see it so fit do these kind of things in the future - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    weill here another unhappey calint.. with them
    Serving over 180,000 members with
    affordable, reliable web hosting solutions

    do you guys this there have that much clinet?
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    I've always wondered about that client base claim, but considering that they advertise a lot (and I mean alot) and they also run a what seems to be a succesful affiliate program, it could be true. The real question though is how many servers they have for their 180.000 clients...

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