AcuNett has been managing servers for over 2 years now. We manage servers from Rackshack(EV1), Burst/Nocster, Server Matrix, FDC, GNAX and many more.

We manage servers with FreeBSD or Linux. We also manage Gameservers as well as Plesk and cPanel servers. The services we include are:

Setup Services:

- Security Audit and Security Patch Installation
- Software Upgrades to Pre-Installed Software
- Virus Software Install and Scan
- Firewall Installation
- Anti-Spam Software Installation
- Server Hardware Usage Audit
- Hardware Performance Tuning
- Software Optimization (Apache, MySQL, FTP, OS, etc)
- Harden /tmp directory
- Harden SSH Server
- Sysctl Tuning
- Turck MM Cache
- Install Log Monitors with Daily Reports
- Disable direct root login
- Disable Unused Services


- Weekly Server Cleanup
- Security Scan
- Analyze System Logs
- System Hardware Checkup
- Spam Removal
- 3rd Party Software Installed upon customer request
- Consultation on server hardware if needed
- Configuration changes upon customer request

$25 setup and $35/month for cPanel or $50 setup and $25/month
$25 setup and $35/month for Plesk or $50 setup and $25/month
$25 setup and $25/month for Gameservers
$25 setup and $45/month for FreeBSD Servers or $50 setup and $35/month
$25 setup and $45/month for FreeBSD w/ cPanel Servers or $50 setup and $35/month

We also have the initial setup services available for a one-time fee of $75

If you are ready to order, please PM me. If you have any questions, you can PM me or post them here in this thread.

To order, please view or for more details about our management services.

Need references? Just search for "AcuNett" on this forum.

I also am available for chat on AIM (Rob AcuNett) or MSN ([email protected])

Have a nice day!