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    We design web-sites and we also know how to create a database. But there is a major broadcasting company who has a lot of special requirements. Their clients should be able to add 3 entries in the database and also should they be able to place orders on-line all from one form. Personally I think they need a CP. I know we can build the database, but it seems that we would to know more about automated systems.

    Does anybody now someone or some company who provides this?
    What would the costs be for such a project?


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    If I understood you correctly, this would be an not very difficault task. You can email me or talk to me on ICQ. I could help you out.

    And if mis-understood you, could you explain a lil more?
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    You could contact Reid at

    They have put together a couple DB with web-based cp's for a couple of our clients.

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