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    Does GANDI support custom DNS & MX?


    I have several domains at which points to the DNS servers of my hosting company. Some of them will expire (.com and .be) soon.

    All requests like,, points to my homepage or a subdomain.

    I'm thinking of using a service like, Runbox, ... for handling and consolidating the mail of all my domains, mostly because of SPAM measures.

    So, depending on the mail service, I will have to change the MX records or I will be able to forward all my mail to such a mail service.

    Can I change the MX servers with gandi and let all the web traffic still go through my hosting company? I know you can change A, MX and CNAME records, but I don't know much of it. Should GANDi also have a way of changing the NS server of together with changing MX server, or what combination is necessary to achieve what I want.

    If I add a A record pointing to a specific IP address, do my hosting company know which domain or subdomain name was requested?

    Are there maybe other alternatives?

    Thanks for helping

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    just point the MX record to the email provider's mail server for eamile

    you need to ask or the service you're using about the MX to point and should work just fine
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