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    new server setup: what software do I need

    so you get your server ready, with linux and cPanel installed by your host.
    Now what?
    what else does one need before starting to create new reseler and hosting accounts, and transferring old ones from the old host?

    what about dns server? do i have to create one in my server? or is that run by my host in another machine for all servers?

    my server comes with 10 free IPs, what do I do with those? do I need only one for my own? or more?, and do I give one for each reseller account I create?

    Does everything I need comes in the cPAnel installation? or do I need to manually install other softwares? what about firewalls and security issues? is that in cPanel too?

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    You would need to install bind (for DNS), a mail server, a httpd server (proftpd, etc), a firewall, etc.

    You seem clueless about the workings of a server, let alone the web hosting industry. I would advise you to take a step back and choose a reseller account at a respectable host. In the meantime, grab a VPS at a respectable provider (ServInt, Dinix, VPSColo/JVDS, etc) and start experimenting with installing bind (for DNS), a httpd server, mail server, etc.
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    I'm a reseller currently, and yes, you are right, looks like I need to stay there until i learn enough. But, in fact you dont learn those things from being a reseller, all I do is create accounts and stuff like that. I don't tackle any of the above issues.
    I was just asking to learn, I'm still too newbie to step in actually...

    but doesn't cpanel come with a mail server?

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    you dont need to install bind or any of the items mentioned by knogle if you have a cpanel install, except a firewall, but then apf is very easy to install, anti virus is important also.

    The basic fact is that if you have cpanel/whm you can pretty much run a server to host clients with very little knowledge of anything else.

    But! and there is alwas a but.

    To provide a service you need to know all about security, firewalls, kernel updates and not mention a good understanding of how linux works generally.

    Do you know enough to fix a problem when it arises? if httpd wont restart do you know where to find the logs that tell you what has happened and then fix it.

    I do laugh sometimes when people come here asking for urgent help to fix their server and you ask what the log says and they ask "where is the log".

    So its more complicated than Cpanel, but I like many had to start somewhere and you cant learn and understand without doing.

    My best advice is too get yourself even the cheapest dedicated you can find and work on understanding all the issues, then moving to dedicated, understand how to break the various component parts and then how to fix them.

    If you cant afford that yet then do the next best thing, what people fail to understand is that a dedicated server is nothing more than a pc with linux on it, the control panel such as Cpanel is just there to manage all the different parts of linux in an easy to understand and managed way.

    Get yourself a copy of Red Hat linux 9 or even enterprise and install it at home, even better still get SuSE linux, its an excellent version of linux and much easier to operate and hence understand what the different parts of linux are all about, for windows folk, you can install linux and have it run perfectly happily with windows allowing you full access to your comfort blanket when linux is too much for you.

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    Nothing wrong with jumping right into it if you have the basics. I was told on these same forums a year ago. man I feel sorry for his customers. Well most of my customers have been with us from the beginning with only one outage that I caused myself but was not down long.

    First thing you need to so is get your nameservers set up in your own domain name. next install a firewall.

    next look for some good billing software. I recomend modernbill.

    Second get you a decent help desk system. perldesk if you want to go cheap and kayako if you want a really nice looking support sytem.

    make sure you have all the security updates for your operating sytem and control panel. If you can not do this yourself I highly recomend

    These guys here have been doing this for a while so sure they will tell you if you do not know this then you should not be doing it. This is not true if you got the desire to suceed and learn as you go you can do it quite well. Just be careful about doing things you do not understand especially if you have clients.

    Set up a computer at home or go down to goodwill and get you a cheap box to run linux or what ever you are using. Do your testing on this. Again www.cheetaweb will do updates for you for around $70.

    Wherever you get the dedicated or if you already have one read there forums and you will gain allot of knoweledge. I would not say that these forums would be your only and best resource. Places like ev1's forums you can learn allot.

    The best way to learn something is not from books but hands on experience. I could not get myself to even read a book and prefer to learn it myself. Just never stop learning and you will do fine.

    Good luck and have fun doing it.

    Three of your ip's you can use right away. Put your site on one of them next set up your nameservers with the other two IP's for example and the other Ip's you can assign to resellers if needed.

    the reason for putting your site on an IP is for ssl secured certificate if you want to take secure orders and we hope that you do.
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    As I mentioned, operate your business using a reseller account. Get a VDS and try to run it without a control panel, or at the most a simple one. You'll get used to the OS environment and command line. You'll also gain experience installing software from source and troubleshooting common problems.
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    haha aight guys here the low down... im a comp n00b. and i want to own and run my own game server instead of renting one from someone else.... help me out... gimme a list of what i need to get started... if you want you can im me and we can magik 03 <---AIM

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