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    Clearout Sale - 3 Amazon Stores + 1 Encyclopedia

    I've got a big clearout sale of websites I simply don't have time to promote, but are fully complete and working: - 50 - 50 - 50

    Two for 90, or all three for 130

    Amazon store script, heavily customised with lots of script mods and an advanced mod_rewrite hack created by myself. Product names are heavily optimised for search engines, with the product title appearing in the URL.

    People are making big bucks from these stores at the moment on this forum, with a few hours time and effort.

    You need an amazon associates account to use these, but you should be able to apply for one for free easily if you don't already have one. - 100

    Wikipedia based encyclopedia, very heavily customised to fit into a new template design. This is a BIG site (over 1GB) and can give some very good adsense money if promoted correctly.

    This site took alot of time to create, as it was alot of hastle converting all of the free content to fit into the template scheme.

    Extra Info

    All of them are starting to get indexed in google, but NEED to be promoted via text links to get this indexed heavily / good PR.

    The designs are just reseller templates I purchased and modified, and the rest is either free or created by myself. You get the domian and all files (domain transer should be free at RegisterFly). I can host the site for a month till you can transfer it.

    Paypal/Nochex/UK Bank Transfer is ideal for payments

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    informationgenius has some decent potential but it doesn't seem to be complete or working properly.

    Using the site search tool I searched for monkey. A good number of search results returns but when I click onto a hyperlink the page cannot be found.

    Is this something you know about or was something the buyer would have to complete? The task of a complete encyclopedia is a large one.

    Otherwise the site is nice and has decent potential. Please let me know either via PM or replying to this post if the buyer needs to complete this sites content. If it was a completed site I would definately be interedted.

    Thank You!

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    That is just a bug you have found, which I am fixing now, should be fixed in 20 mins!

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    OK, all fixed now

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    Information Genius SOLD

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    UKBargainShop SOLD
    UK-Bargain-Shop SOLD

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