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    Discuss Topics forum network is now open .. interested at bringing your forum in?

    Yes, we are now open for business!!

    What is Discuss Topics exactly?

    Well, you can read the "About Us" page on the site for some more info & I'll also explain it a bit more here.

    In our network each individual runs their forum(s) individually but they benifet & at the same time benifet every other forum in the network by being in the network of forums. is the main site which it's only purpose is to provide a directory (links) all categorized on the front page to all the forums in the network.

    We are NOT a general link exchange type network, each forum is actually a part of the network & carrys a "network bar" across the top of their forum to show they are a part of the network. Additionally, another difference we have from being a general link exchange is that in our network there is only ONE FORUM allowed PER TOPIC... this benifets each forum by being the users only choice for this topic.

    Once many forums carry the DT network bar, users across the internet are going to start recognizing the DT brand & will return to the main site when they want to find a forum for whatever topic they are looking for... additionally, the main site will get some nice PR from all the sites linking back to it.

    So, how do you get your forum into the DT network?

    Make a visit to

    Any questions.. feel free to ask here or @ the DT forum! :-D


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    Thanks for the interest so far... anyone else interested, feel free to ask any questions! :-)

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