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    Question Just-Hosting.Com Reliable?

    I've wanted to register with them for a while right now, but have hesitated since they sound too good to be true. At this moment, I'm interested in their starter package which includes..

    Monthly Cost: $7.45
    Setup Fee: Free!
    Bandwidth: 50 Gigabytes
    Disk Space: 1000 MB
    Run on CPANEL
    - Unlimited Pop E-Mail Accounts
    - CGI Bin Access
    - PHP, CGI, SSI
    - mySQL, Python, Java

    Here's what the say about how they give all the bandwith and stuff..

    Do these guys look legit? Does anyone have a hosting account with them and could tell me a little more? Any downtime, etc? I also can't load the online tech support link, there appears to a be problem with it and when I click the registration link, it says guarenteed safe, but I don't see any LOCK icon in my status bar which hesitates me more. However there payment options are nice which consists of paypal and echeck I think. This is the best webhosting forum out there, help me!

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    IMHO I'd be leery of this company.

    50 GB Bandwidth for $7.45/month is really overselling. That's about $0.15/GB.

    The order form is not only not secure (no https://), it is on's website, as is the knowledgebase. (To be fair, both domains are owned by the same person).

    And their "extras" are very pricey: $12.00/month for 500 MB storage, to name one.

    Good rule of thumb - $1 per 1 GB of Bandwidth. I would do a little more looking for a host. Make yourself a list and send your potential hosts emails to see what kind of service/support to expect. Narrow it down, then come back here and do a search for your potential hosts. A lot of people here would be willing to help, I'm sure.
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    That link to the bandwidth sounds like a lot of song and dance considering they are with RackShack just like hundreds of other hosts.

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    Too much fluff and claims about their capabilities. Also they claim to offer 99.998% Uptime which is highly impossible running off a dedicated server. And as blue pointed out, they sure put in some high figures to try and mislead the clients. 126 TB indeed...
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    Well I've asked a friend of mine and he has an account with them. He's had occasionaly downtime, other than that, everything that said on the website he got with his package. That's how I found out about it, but I'm still very sketchy about it.

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    Hi All,

    We run quite a few servers in different data centers across the US. The main server (which I gather you pinged to get the I.P. address) is hosted at rackshack which has always been an extreemly reliable DC for us.

    We do offer all of our customers what we say on the site and have many sites which are using the full 350+GB available on our largest package every month without problems.

    We also unlike other hosts do run a *real* 24/7 manned support desk. We have been in the game quite some time and I assure you that all of the comments you see on the main page are in fact true.

    Feel free to check any of my previous posts or send me a PM or reply to this post if you want any information.

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    I have been a customer of for several months and they are a great company to deal with, very helpful with great support.

    My site is always up and running, top notch!

    You can't beat their prices.

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    I have been a customer of for several months
    I'm not saying you you were not, but it looks strange to me that you just happened to be here just now and register just to praize them. Not impossible, but strange.

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    Well I am new to this forum and was researching it for what people had to say about my website provider and finally saw this post. I had to reply because of the insinuation that it was not legitimate. I have paid for a full year 5 months ago and I am a satisfied customer.

    I use my website for a gaming clan and have over 300 members registered.

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    Wink I'm customer, too

    I'm customer too. I bought one account in july 2003 and transferred my other accounts to them dec 2003, based on my experience in these few months.

    Until a week ago I was very enthousiast. I had all possibilities they offer and blazing fast connection (according to people who downloaded some big files from my webspace at j-h. No, they are legal files )

    Then a week ago trouble started: site offline, online, offline, emailserver offline etc. It took allmost a day before my domains were online again. Yesterday I could finally also use the emailserver again. For better security they say.

    Today everything is offline again. It troubles me. At this moment I use 4 or 5 MySQL databases, php and host part of two other small companies' website (yes, they allow to).
    I organised an online game in februari and had no problems with used bandwith, speed or serverload. Planning on next year again.

    Where else can I find these possibilities?
    I need a stable server, preferably within a day or 2. Or better, today.

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    If you're willing to raise your budget a bit, there are many reputable, stable providers that can provide what you need. You can also use the Host Quote feature ( at the top to get some hosts to contact you with plans that fit your needs.

    And of course, you can always come back and do a search on those that you find/may reply and see what comes up.
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    wow, nice advice

    Hmm ... tnx, very good advice. Should have known this option before.
    Within 15 minutes I already had three reactions. A few hours more and I can make a better choice then ever before.
    More people should know about this system

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    good luck...

    or search around

    good tip try view more hosting site see which one u like!

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    As a quick note in the defence of Just-Hosting here, I would like to add that it is true that the server barendM's site is on did experience problems. However, these problems were addressed and fixes are still in progress.

    Previous to these slight problems you may note that in BarendM's post his account has been up since "july 2003" without problem.

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    True, true. Until last week I had no problems.
    I didn't hesitate to make a critical posting here; I will not hesitate to make a posting again in a few weeks if I can write that I had no problems again since yesterday.
    I suppose I will not have these problems any more because I noticed one of your own sites is on the same server
    Anyhow, I feel comfortable with all features I get.
    The online game I organised (Flash - PHP - heavy use of MySQL) gave no problems.
    Enough webspace and databases to try all you want.

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    Too many people - too many minds... But if you still havn't decided for you whether to order plan from them or not - better try to find other hosts to check.

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    is it just me, or does something smell kinda fishy here?
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    Hmmm ... I was just looking around in all the emails I received from you. Thanks, everybody, but ...
    What strikes me is that only a few companies clearly state their address and country. Sometimes a phone number, sometimes 'we are on the north coast of ...', manytimes no clue where to find you irl. I know, this is inet, but stil ...

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    $0.15/GB? lol

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    I promised to make an update.
    I had an account since june 2003; moved my main account in december to them. Organised an online game in februari without problems.
    However, they suffered computerproblems since my first post which forced me after 12 days to move on and look further.
    Nice guys, but that's not enough; I used some scripts and database for some of my clients.
    If they have their computer up and running again and I need more space and bandwith, mybe I'll give them a try again.
    You get what they promise, and it was blazing fast while it lasted.

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    Hi there, while doing some research about this company on the internet I found this thread.

    I am a customer of just-hosting too and I must say I am not 100% happy with the service. There is only one problem, downtime... I've been client for 6 months now and every month my server has been down for 24 hours average, but now it's been offline for more then 48 hours this last week.

    Al the rest is fine, they respond to emails, the cpanel is wonderfull, and ofcourse the number of gigabytes is unbelievable. The connection to the servers is good although not that fast. (I live in Belgium) But I did notice that my server is unreachable from Russia and China. Not that it is very important for the moment, but it seems strange to me though.

    Warm Regards,
    Marc De Mesel

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