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    need advise on web catalogue please

    I own a website that's solely created with HTML pages.
    Imagine creating a website with more than a 1,000 products with no database, but only with HTML's.
    It took me more than two months to create my website and to add Paypal shopping carts.

    The problem is I will soon need to change my shopping carts.
    It will be a BIG headache and time consuming job to change every single pages.

    So, I was wondering if there is a software that let's you create a database for a web catalogue.
    Note that I do not have any experiences with programmings.
    I know a little, veeeeeeeery little about HTML codes and that's it.

    I don't want to spend thousands of dollars and I don't even have thousands of dollars to spend.

    I want something affordable and easy to use.

    Please give me an adivse on this~

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    You can use osCommerce. You can hire someone to set it up for you and then you can insert the products yourself. Shouldn't cost more than a few hundred - depends on how much customization you want. Setup is real simple so you could really do it yourself without knowing much coding but it'd help if someone experinced w/ osCommerce set it up for you.

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    I really admire you for hard-coding all that by using pure hell lots of job when altering data, isn't it !!

    A more efficient way will be using a database driven website.
    And right osCommerce comes with most hosting plan, all you have to add is how to integrate into your webbie and take care of the CC processor/security part.

    adding/changing of the inventories will be easier than the static/hard-code way..

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    osCommerce that is. i'll check that out.

    thank you for the replies.

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    Make sure that your host supports PHP / mySQL. Not too sure if you are on a Windows or a *NIX flavor. But there are many carts out there like osCommerce that is very easy to set up.

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    osCommerce is very affordable and also easy to use.
    With the correct contributions the layout and style of your
    current website could also be incorporated or you could go
    with a completely new look. There is also a very active
    support group to answer your questions and many people who
    are willing to program with it if you need specific extensions
    pertaining to your business industry.

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