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    Mother board / RAM question

    I am building a low end computer to mess around with and allow my family to mess around on.

    I have a Abit KT7A non raid mother board and was looking at the generic ram on

    pc133 256

    Does anyone know if there will be an issue with the generic ram and the Abit MB?

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    There should never be a problem with Generic RAM and a motherboard except in EXTREME cases (never heard of one, but im sure they are possible). There is the chance though if you motherboard is over three or four years old it will have a problem with PC133, and your best with PC100.
    If you have the option, use DDR, its often cheaper and its faster/futureproof

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    I thought PC133 is usually cheaper than DDR?

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    You might need low density (32x64) memory for it to work in that motherboard

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    I always buy premium ram. Its only about 5% more, but it never fails (generic ram nearly always has some faults with it)

    go to and use the memory selector

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