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Thread: Got a Server :)

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    Cool Got a Server :)


    Just got a Server !...


    80GB HDD,
    1000GB Bandwidth,
    Windows Server,
    102% Managed

    its Celeron

    Will it support lots of Traffic?

    i mean that my site gets over 5,000 uniques a day!

    please tell me

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    you should be ok for well over 5000 uniques / day

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    Database heavy? Static? dynamic? Lots of downloads?

    Let us in on what exactly the site has

    If it was just downloads, then ya, It will be fine. if it's really Database heavy, then it might groan a little

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    No, its has only some Databases script,
    Guestbook, Forum, etc....

    Not so, but many pages are on Request.QueryString basis..

    now >?

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    If it's 5,000 uniques a day that are hitting the forum then yeah your web server could feel it. What really depends is how long those uniques use your site (i.e. number of page views and server hits/queries they generate)
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    This is Only the Uniques visitors to pages, the best record for forum was 5 visitors online at a time

    Forum does not visited much times,

    just static pages, with QueryString

    see a example here:

    thats it

    Now ?

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    or if the site gets lots of Traffic.??

    Then i will have to buy 10,000 Server like ?

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