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    Question PHP - MySQL Question?


    Ok! let me explain my question in a quick - but understandable format.

    1. Ok! i'm designing a lead generation site in PHP, so what i'm doing is making a main website that has all the benefits, features etc etc, and then of course the call to action "The Form" which i want to insert all the form data into a MySQL database.

    2. Ok! now i'm designing a second website that allows clients to order business leads, in quantities of: 10, 20, 30, 40, lead packages.

    3. Ok! now what i want to do is add the number of leads purchased to that clients account in the mysql database automatically. Say for example the client purchases 10 leads so can i program a php script that will automatically add those 10 leads to their account? "Hopefully without doing it manually myself".

    Is this possible?? if so could somebody post a suggesstion / article for me?.

    Thank you! In Advance

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    This is really just basic PHP and SQL...go read some tutorials at and

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