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    I joined in late December mainly because of the incredible prices.
    ... but also because my previous host was not returning my calls or emails for support.
    10 gig of space
    40 gig of bandwidth
    $7.95 per month

    I am a wedding photographer and I post all my weddings for online viewing.

    Last year my average month with my previous host was 1 gig of space / 20 gig of bandwidth and I paid 10x times Canaca (with no support although used to have great support)

    BUT ---- Today I reviewed my statistics for the two first months with Canaca.

    It says 105 gigs of bandwidth for Jan and 95 for Feb.

    HOW could that be?

    Nothing has changed on my site. I uploaded all of my site in December and the wedding season is slow in the winter thus you would think my stats would be lower than normal.

    In the "Terms" it says I must pay $6 per gig over (that owuld be 300+ per month They havent sent me anything yet but Im sure they will?

    My question for all you experts is it possible for them to manipulate these stats?

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    What sounds too good, it probably isn't. I have had experieces with some hosts that would manually (I think) change your usage to make you buy extra bandwidth, etc.

    checking your alexa rating may help, see if it has gone very high then your website is getting more visitors.

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    Have you tried contacting them? That would be the first thing to do.
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    I guess I was afraid that contacting them would bring it to their attention. Then again each day this goes up I owe more.
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    You should look at your stats a bit closer. You should be able to see where the inbounds are coming from and what IP they are coming from. If you see a lot of hits coming from one IP try doing a trace route to see who they are.

    You can do a trace route here:
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    Manipulating the stats won't do any good since they don't rely on those logs/stats pages you see. They would probably have their monitoring somewhere else. On top of that, that would be an attempt to cheat, not something I would encourage.

    However, you can probably discuss with them if they ever bring it up to see if they can waive the charges or settle for a more reasonable amount example $1/GB over

    I would also look into upgrading the plan immediately.
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    hmm, what about making a stats counter that would count up all the people that visit your site. This way you can tell if they are cheating or not, a good way to find out. Dont know though, just an idea.

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    Although I operate my own hosting service, I also host personal sites with other hosts. I keep a close eye on my stats checking them each morning as I make my rounds of all the sites I either own or am a member of. Besides Webalizer I also run AWStats and xTreme Tracker on all of my sites.

    Although you fear bringing it to their attention, submit a support ticket requesting your current usage information. There may be a error on their side causing a mis-reporting of your webstats. It does not happen often, but it can and does happen.

    As to whether a disreputable host could manipulate your stats, the answer is yes. But if that is the case, I'd not just run, but jump into the fastest mode of transportation I could find and haul my site and my tail outta there.
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