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    Game server requirements

    Greetings fellow WHM folks!
    I am thinking of setting up a single game server for 6 users running the newer Jedi Knight Academy server software for Linux OS.
    Does anybody know what may be needed for this type of server?
    Thank you in advance.

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    It might be cheaper to use a game hosting company instead of renting your own dedicated server.

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    If this is for a lan party or something, some old 800-1ghz with 256MB should work fine for 6 players.

    As Pat said, I would not recommend actually renting a full server for something that small. You can easily find a gaming host in the $30 and under range, and no decent dedicated server provider will go that low.
    Game Servers are the next hot market!
    Slim margins, heavy support, fickle customers, and moronic suppliers!
    Start your own today!

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