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    ***need Work!!***

    I am looking for a job for the creation of a website for around £35-£50. I am a programmer which has some basic knowledge in website design and so will create you your own customized website. I also have experience in the editing and adaption of pictures and content such as coding for the personalization of sites. I am well experienced in programming through Windows and so can alter files and html needed for the site. I am in desperate need of some £'s and hope that you can help me out.

    Fees will vary depending on the amount of coding and pages involved in creation of the site.

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    do you have a porte-folio
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    I have worked on 3 websites before so I am quite new to this and so am looking for the experience as well as a few £'s. I have self-taught myself the basics to html and helped to incorporate this into my last site. The first two however were just made in Yahoo pagebuilder although I can do some coding. Can anyone out there use me?

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    Please send me some samples you can do, or have done. I might be able to use you.
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