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    Straight forward CC

    Does any one know of a was to take payment direct from a CC or debit card without using paypal or nochex ect.

    I have seen that worldpay are alot better with direct payment without all this sending emails, but they charge ALOT! of money

    Any ideas?


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    Do a google search of "merchant account", that is what you are looking for, a few WHT members run their own merchant services and will get you a pretty good will end up either costing you $100 a year with around 5%(or so) per transaction, or a 20 a month fee with a lower % per transaction...

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    So is that like a standard payment via Credit card and not the daft send you an email then they send an email and so on ect?

    I only ask as I have a paypal merchents account but It charges my customer by emails and to me doesnt look all that proffessional if you know what I mean.

    Than you for helping

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    Hi Turbo,

    getting your own merchant account will avoid the whole process of going through a 3rd party payment processor like paypal.

    Generally there is a yearly fee and some sort of minimal monthly trnasaction amount. The merchant rate tends to be lower as well...

    Hope this helps,

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    Oh right, now I understand, thatnks - just one last thing does anyone know of a couple of goods ones to try?


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    Hi Turbo - the 2 I would recommend are e-online data and cdgcommerce...

    They both use the gateway - the support with both is outstanding (cdg may be more popular on this forum - but overall, you cant go wrong with either) and the pricing is similar.....

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    Thank you - you have been outstandingly helpful

    much appriciated.

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