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    Raq 4I wierd/odd problems.

    I wonder if someone can help me. I am vaguely familiar with Linux and the in depth stuff on one of my servers, which is a Raq 4i.

    It seems to be working normally and well, but it is having some rather odd issues :

    It has 2 Domains on it, and one of them is not having ANY issues at all, the other domain has 2 users on it who are having these problems.

    Sometimes randomly, they can not get to the website or send emails to and form the server, but they can hit any other website on the web so it is not their ISP problem.
    ----I on the otherhand can access the website, get and send emails, nothing wrong on my end at the EXACT same time----

    Sometimes randomly they can not send emails. they get the relay not allowed message. Totally randomly. No changes in login ID's, nothing wrong there.
    ----I on the other hand have never gotten any email errors using the other domain on the server.----

    I have had the colo tech look at the server for days now and they can't find anything wrong with it or it's configuration.

    Has anyone come across anythign like this before??


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    Misconfigured Client / end user, or your RAq could have something misconfigured. Did you have them double check their settings, reboot their computers, power cycle the modems?

    You might get more help from the other users though.


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    Check also your site settings, the domain aliases and mail server aliases.

    Also you need to check with your DNS and nameservers too.


    Your domain aliases should include

    On your DNS side, you might want to (although I think no need) to create a subdomain for (as well as

    Also, it MIGHT be their ISP as I've had experience with ISPs' DNS server not getting updated with the latest info (for up to a week in some cases!!!).

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    Have the end users try the IP address of the mailserver instead of the domain name,

    if this fixes the problem then their ISP's name servers are having trouble resolving.

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