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    Question Access web sites via shared IP on Win server


    We have a Windows 2003 standard editon server with Helm.

    How can I access sites via my servers IP from a web browser?

    On Apache web servers you can access sites buy writing the domain name after the IP address, eg:

    Some shared hosting customers want to preview their websites from the server before their domain name is registred...

    I hope you get what I'm talking about.

    Thank you in advance,

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    You can only do this if the directory of the website is set to "shared on the default webpage". The the correct way to see it would be IPNumber/DirectoryName

    Hope that helps

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    Thank you.

    I made a virtual directory for the default site in IIS.

    I also found out you can't have eg as your alias as IIS don support dot's... is the way you have to do it...

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    another way you can do is just simply add a new Sub domain name under your main domain. ---> redirect it to the folder of your client's account.

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