I'm looking for part-time network/security support and/or consulting work/projects to keep me busy off-hours. I prefer complex network design architectures, implementations, support or actual sale of solutions. I'm a CCIE in security with heavy unix/linux backround.

In my full-time position I deal with lot of different vendor network solutions supporting and implementing Firewalls, Switches, Routers, IDS, VPNs, Wireless, Content SW ..etc oh and I can setup your bind,qmail,sendmail,apache too but I prefer to stay on the network side of things.

Maybe you have small or big project that you need help on or just need some network support time-to-time. If you do you can send me email at consult(at)makesecure.com .

Did I say I like to do this for fun? Ohh... but I expect to get paid while I'm having fun, alteast a little !