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    Talking billing solution (ikobo, paypal, ccbill, allresell, etc....)

    Sorry folks..
    I didn't want to bring up this subject again.
    However, I've tried to find the answers from some of the previous postings, but was out of luck.

    Basically, I have an online adult dvd store and I'm looking for a billing solution to accept credit cards and/or echecks,
    but I can't seem to find a right one for the following reasons:

    Paypal - I'm currently using it, but it's the matter of time for them to find out that I'm selling adult dvd's.
    So, before they find out, I need to find a billing solution first.

    Ikobo - Because I do not carry any inventories, I cannot afford 50% hold of funds for 90 days.
    I order DVD's from my supplier once I receive orders from the customers.
    Also, it looks like, sending a payment is bit complicated since buyers have to verify by calling the banks?
    (someone said they no longer have to verify, but their faq says buyers must verify with the banks)

    CCBill & Ibill - I don't have a Tax ID nor a Business License,
    so I can't apply for account with them.
    I just started it about two months ago and I don't even make $1,000 a month yet,
    so I was thinking why bother with those paperworks.

    Allresell - Very high fee structures.
    Buyers must pay $1.50 PLUS 15% of the total amount.
    Also I have to pay between 5 - 15% fees for all transactions.
    And someone said that withdrawing funds from them is a bit of headache?
    (Also, it's kinda fish that they changed their name couple of times during the last several months.)

    So.... What should I do? do I have any options?
    I want something like Paypal, which there is no holding of funds, low fee structures,
    easy for buyers to make payments, and no need to obtain Business License nor Tax ID.

    Hmm... Now I think about it.. sounds like dream billing solution.

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    Did you try.

    Many thanks


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    If you are selling tangible goods - you can check out some real processors. They might be able to help / support you. You are not high risk because you are selling tangible products. Another thing you might consider is Verified by Visa. This would help to reduce any of the "I didn't do it"s

    But you would need a SSN @ least to apply for a merchant account. I would suggest getting a Tax ID number - it will help you in the long run. Unless you are a sole proprietorship.

    What part of the country are you in?

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    Hey, thanks for the replies.

    I'm located in the U.S. and if I wanted to get a 'real processor,'
    don't I need a credit in excellent standing with a good business history, which I don't have?

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    Not necessarily. Your discount rate might be a little higher or they might ask for a rolling reserve. Your credit rating is a factor but a little different that your "credit card processing rating".

    There are some processors out there that will accept a lot more than others. You can even ask for a lower monthly minimum if you are not processing over $1000 a month. That might also help

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    I agree with Corey. You should be able to get a merchant account even with credit concerns. Worst case is that you have a rolling reserve requirement or an extra day's funding delay, something along those lines. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    oh i see.. i'll try to get in touch with a local credit processing company and see what comes up.

    thanks for the help guys.

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    I have set up a few merchants using Nexusxi. They have offered a reasonable rate, and have a system that is really easy to use. They include shopping cart software in their package at no extra costs, and had no setup fees. Whenever I've had issues, I've been able to call to get my questions answered. I've been really happy with them, and they haven't had any issue with my adult merchants either.

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    hmm i need one like that too!

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    Some of the mainstream merchant providers may not allow your adult tangibles. However I agree that credit is not an all determining factor in getting a merchant account. Rather it more so affects the parameters they will be willing to afford you with the same.

    I have heard good things about and both welcome adult tangibles/services. However I have not tried them personally. On the other hand Ikobo has horrible customer service. Not to mention the fact that they subject you to insidious rules implemented on a whim.

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    do NEXUSXI still exist? there fax number is dead.

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    Originally posted by kneadingu

    I have heard good things about and both welcome adult tangibles/services. However I have not tried them personally.
    Where have you heard good things about payingez?
    I have only heard extremely bad things about them, check out this:

    Originally posted by kneadingu

    On the other hand Ikobo has horrible customer service.
    Unfortunately, ikobo does not provide merchant account service.
    The only provide person to person money transfer service at this time.
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    Guys, a lot of new processors....The problem that I want to try all of them.

    Every new processor brings an exciting solution..but we need to be careful.

    Today, after researching.. 2 companies grabbed my attention there, so called "Paysat" and "JensleyPay", I'm still researching MB , Kagi, Emetrix too. But hopefully we can end up with Mr. Perfect.

    Any reviews on Paysat, Jensley which looks like PayPal? Is there any verification process? what's it?

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    Jensley, many spelling mistakes found on many areas of the website. Design isn't decent also. They don't specify how much you can withdraw/send/receive after verification or before. No settlement period for orders, no reserve policy specified! (result..not a good impression)

    PaySat, researching..

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    I'm dedicated to research new processors only. Have you noticed.

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    ah ok I already looked at them. They're not conducisve to US merchants. Thanks though ...

    Originally posted by wdi-home

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    Originally posted by kneadingu
    ah ok I already looked at them. They're not conducisve to US merchants. Thanks though ...
    What do you mean?

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    Yes, MoneyBookers is suited for International Customers/Merchants.

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    Originally posted by 74s3
    Did you try.

    Many thanks


    Don’t try , they are bunch of scammers
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    i gotta response back from avpsolutions, asking for $1500 setup fee. thank you.

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