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Thread: DNS Problems

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    DNS Problems

    Having some DNS problems.
    Our websites work fine, but if the www, is left out of the address, we are unable to get to the site. Im not sure if it is a DNS error or a mod rewrite problem, but the page wont display. If I ping the domain it registers to the correct IP address and correct name servers. If anyone has some info on how to fix this, please help.


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    Is your DNS zone problem... check if there is an A record there...
    and check if the apache virtualhost has or for serverAlias...

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    I click on and it shows?

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    That reminds me not to use it as an example in future...someone registered it!

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    If you have (A) records for both "" and "" in your DNS zone file, the it is most definitely your ISP's cache. The info is stale. I have seen this take up to 36 hours to propagate. But it has happened frequently enough that I can tell you with confidence that it's due to ISP cache.
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    These folks are on the right track with the DNS zone. Note also though, that apache can foul this up with or without the benefit of defunct DNS. In your httpd.conf file, make sure that your server alias line includes a www in your domain's stanza and that you do not have 2 stanzas for your domain (one with www and one without pointing to different DocumentRoots)

    Just an aside: Another good place to lookup dns information is
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