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Thread: DNS issues

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    DNS issues

    Having some DNS problems.
    Our websites work fine, but if the www, is left out of the address, we are unable to get to the site. Im not sure if it is a DNS error or a mod rewrite problem, but the page wont display. If I ping the domain it registers to the correct IP address and correct name servers. If anyone has some info on how to fix this, please help.


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    Hello Jessie,

    Does the www entry is added to the domain header in IIS or apache ( not sure if you are using which OS ) .

    Another thing to check is the DNS zone, check if you have the entry www in your dns record.

    Hope this help.

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    check for "@" zone, that is the one that corresponds to having no subdomain in front of the domain.

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    using linux, there is a www lister in the DNS zone. The DNS worked correctly for a long time and then, stopped working without the www

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    Actually I am unable to ping the site without www, but we have other websites on the server that still work properly with or without the www

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    have u tried using other isp to try ping the domain ? try check your dns for any error at :

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    FAIL Missing (stealth) nameservers

    FAIL Missing nameservers 2

    FAIL Stealth NS record leakage

    FAIL Reverse DNS entries for MX records

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