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    * Bandwitdh Calculation


    this might be one of the dumbest questions you will ever come across

    How does one calculate the monthly bandwidth of a site?

    Lets say I have a one page website (I'll make it easy, just for the example), this page weigh 50k including all images.
    This page has 12000 unique and 24000 page views a month.

    Is this the right calculation:?
    total weight of monthly viewed pages x total monthly amount of page views of those pages

    24000 x 50k = 1200000k, which means: 1200mb, which means: 1.2gb of bandwitdh a month.

    thanks you and sorry for the stupid question, i'm new to this stuff and currently using free hosting...

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    I dont think ive ever seen someone calculate bandwidth this way before, I dont think thats a accurate way at all, considering some browsers will cache some of your images and content, not to mention you have no idea what users went to what pages etc.

    If your hosting with a host they should be able to show you your usage data. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    yeah..most host will provide you to view your bandwidth usage either via stats or some bandwidth report.

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    thank for the replies, but guys, i'm currently on free hosting and don't have any stats service at all.
    i now want to move to paid hosting, but i can't figure out how much bandwidth i need...

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