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    Good Appraisal Service Sites

    Any feedback on the following appraisal sites would be appreciated: and

    The feedback I am looking for is: Are they legitimate? Do you feel the appraisals are accurate? Do you recommend any other services?

    I have a buyer who is interested in a domain name I own and is demanding an appraisal before he will buy (Can't be a free, software generated appraisal). He recommended and, neither of which I have ever heard of. My concern is that this guy doesn't really want the domain -- he just gets a commision or something if he can get somebody to buy an appraisal. Am I being paranoid?
    I've told him the price and that it will not change regardless of what the appraisal says. I have also asked him to pay the appraisal fee but he has declined.

    I know does appraisals at about half to a third of the cost of the above sites. I know Afternic has changed ownership a couple of times in the past few years. Are they legit?

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    If it smells like a scam, it probably is...

    I should have known. I found this post (actually searching through Google, not here) that describes the scam:

    Hope nobody falls for this. The hope of selling a domain just about got the better of my common sense.

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    There is scam for everything these days.

    If you do need to get an appraisal done go to one of these sites, they are safe and well regarded for their appariasals.

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    I own this site -

    I use software, but I also compare to recent sales on several sites (not just eBay, which is very inaccurate for investment sales), and I also use seperate formulas that takes into account rare names and other factors missing in the software. I honestly do research for each and every name - If you aren't satisfied, just mention this post and I'll refund your money. (although if you aren't satisfied, I will require a brief explanation so that I can better serve future customers)

    I don't mean to be doing a sales pitch, I just want to offer a cheap appraisal that isn't a scam...feel free to delete this post if it's a violation of forum rules.

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