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    FS: IBM Access Utility Router 2212-40H

    Price: ?

    I dont know a whole lot about this item.
    This item was taken from a working network. I know little or nothing about this item except what I have found on the web. So that would be your best bet for answers on this item, but I will answer anything I can. This is some of the info I have found on it:

    Includes Mounting Brackets For Rack Mount
    110/220 Volt Auto Switchable
    The IBM 2212 Model 40H has four Compact PCI adapter slots plus one PMC adapter slot, one 64 MB DRAM SIMM, and one 3.2 GB hardfile. The model 40H is preloaded with the Enterprise software package containing all functions including TN3270E, APPN, and Thin Server features
    The IBM 2212 Access Utility is a branch office in a box. Now it's easy to connect local area networks (LANs) to your mobile workforce via remote LANs, or branch offices to the Internet or to company backbone, using advanced multiprotocol virtual private networks (VPNs). The IBM 2212 Access Utility provides both cost-effective computing across a broad range of remote locations, as well as the flexibility to grow in meeting tomorrow's networking needs.

    I found this item for sale online at a store called CodeMicro for $6,097.71

    Ill take what I can get. Spit me out an offer (Im cheap) I have picts if needed.

    Please email me at [email protected]

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    Topic should be moved to Related Offers and Requests

    Pictures would greatly be appreciated

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    Thread moved.

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