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    Multiple ecommerce stores - 1 SSL cert


    New here and not sure if I am posting this to the right room. Please let me know if there is a better room to post this to.

    Here is what I do...

    I own multiple niche ecommerce sites and I am always testing and adding new sites.

    Here is my "problem"...

    I use OScommerce for my ecommerce sites. When I have an idea for a new site, I need to buy and SSL cert for it once I go live and start advetising it. Problem is, if the site tanks, I have wasted money on the SSL cert. This gets pretty expensive, not to mention I am spending money on advertising.

    Here is what I want to do...

    I have multiple sites, but I operate under one business name. To keep it simple, let's say that my company name is ABC Company.
    What I want to do is basically buy one SSL cert and kind of create my own shared SSL that I can use for all my sites and mainly for the test sites so that I do not waste money on a new SSL cert befoer I know if the site will generate anough profit to keep it going.

    So my thought was to buy a domain like "", buy an SSL cert for it, and use it as basically a shared cert for all my sites. So if I have 5 sites.. and

    all would use the same cert from So the first site would use, the second, and so on. Sure, I could have every site as a subdomain of (like or, but then that would require me to buy a wildcard SSL cert, which is more expensive.

    CONFUSING, I hope not, I really need help here.

    My questions are...

    1. Can I acheive this by using a multi-domain host or do I need to use a reseller hosting package to achieve this?

    2. Can you think of a better solution?

    By the way, I already understand that I can just go with a multidomain host that offers shared SSL, but I do not want to use someone elses shared SSL because of many reasons. 1st being, I hear that it can be really slow if there are many folks using it and #2, I really don't like the thought of using someones elses shared SSL because it may seem shady to my customer. For instance, I know of one multi-domain host that offers shared SSL and their secure server site is "". I think that looks bad and possibly may look bad to my customers as well. Your thoughts on this would be good as well.

    Anyhow, sorry for the confusing post. I could not think of a better way to ask my question.

    I hope I can get some good feedback, suggests, etc here on this matter and remember, the key here is to save money.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's possible to do.

    What you would end up would be:

    You would only need to buy 1 SSL for the URL. If you don't own the server, you should ask your host if they can set it up for you.
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    I understand. That is what I was guessing in my post, but I guess the question is, can I do this with a multi-domain hosting account or would I have to do this on a reseller account? No difference to me either way (of course the latter is a bit more expensive). I currently have a multidomain account but I will switch to reseller account if I have to.

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    If you did this in one multi-domain account....for example's sake we'll say it's cpanel...

    then your main domain secure site would be

    Then the next secured website you construct would be

    and the third

    and you get the idea....If that's acceptable to you - then yes it can be done using a single account. Though if you'd rather have
    and so on - you would want a seperate account for each website.

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