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Thread: Semi-OT AT&T

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    Semi-OT AT&T

    AT&T operates one of the largest backbones in the USA, right? It's a tier-1 that companies/ISPs, etc get bandwidth from - it is tier-1 like Xo, Verio, level3, etc.. right?

    They seem to offer co-location - but im willing to bet it's expensive..

    I've always wondered does AT&T make money with all the companies they create and spin off? they make major players in each industry...

    They spun off all their Bells, their major internet cable ISP to Comcast and now AT&T Wireless.. in the past they had a lot of companies like Lucent.

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    Yes, AT&T is a true "Tier 1" provider. They are settlement/default free. However, XO is not.

    AT&T is selling off parts of itself to pay its bills. AT&T managed to amass a huge amount of debt. It was either sell off the broadband and wireless divisions or head for bankruptcy court.

    AT&T currently faces strong competition from the RBOCS (the evil local phone companies) who have now been cleared to offer long distance and data services across the US.

    With the recent ruling from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on line sharing things look even worse for AT&T's future.

    Oh, ya, you are correct. AT&T is very expensive - not worth the price, IMHO.

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    Originally posted by Dragoon
    Oh, ya, you are correct. AT&T is very expensive - not worth the price, IMHO.
    As a well-established backbone with extensive peering and legacy advantages, not to mention a lot of "eyeballs", AT&T is an excellent value. It's not the cheapest but they are by no means the most expensive, and the connectivity is excellent, in my experience.


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