Hello all, ive been banging my head over this all morning, hopefully somebody can make this a better day for me.

Here is my set up.
ASUS P4c800-E
P4 1.8a

the P4C800-E has a promise FastTek PDC20378 raid chip on it.

Currently I have two WD 80 gig, 7200 RPM, 8 mb cache hooked up to the P-ATA RAID port. one set as master, the other as slave.
i have set up RAID 1 in the bios set up and the during boot up it says its working correctly. when I go install redhat...It doesnt find any drives. I then try to install the drivers and red hat doesnt take them. no error or anything, just acting like its a blank floppy.

these are my root drives. the OS will be installed on them.

Now, Ive been through the web and the booklet a few times. The first question is, do i have the drives set up correctly? Should I have one of the drives on the regular IDE channel and the other on the RAID?

please let me know of any ideas. Ive tried redhat 8 and 9.