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    * The more I read, the more uncertain I become

    I'm preparing to launch a few websites, the first two are essentially corporate identity sites that will receive a small amount of traffic, but need to be very reliable. In a few months, I will be adding a content site that will receive significant traffic over time (fingers crossed) and an e-commerce site that will get moderate traffic but require many images (art and photos). I'd like to do all this with one provider. All sites are fairly basic and built using Dreamweaver.

    I am new to this and am learning every day. This site is very helpful. I was initially planning to use 1and1. However, based on feedback I've read on this site, coupled with my inability to have a few questions answered (couldn't get a person on the phone and e-mail went unanswered), I have crossed them off.

    Then, I was planning to use Host Rocket (again, based on discussions on this board and others that were recommended here -- also, they had a very helpful live on-line question feature and that individual was great).

    About to throw the switch and I see some threads that talk about Host Rocket being one of the "worst". However, it was unclear why they was getting neg. reviews.

    It seems the more research I do, and the more I read these boards, the more confused I get. Now I'm seeing good discussions about Lunar Pages.

    Should I just go with HostRocket? Is Lunarpages better? Someone else?

    Thanks in advance for helping a noob, and please include your direct experiences with any hosting companies you mention (sites hosted, how long, and specific reasons for good or bad review).

    (I carefully read the rules and think this post is legit)

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    Welcome to webhostingtalk, and congrads on your first post.

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    As an objective poster who knows nothing about either having never used either, all I can say is that reliability is in the eye of the beholder. To put things in perspective, 99% uptime on a host allows for 24 hours of downtime every year. You start talking about 24 hours downtime and some users freak. Others look at it in perspective and understand.

    As a former host, I can tell you that no host is perfect. And if you looklike you're being given the world, you're probably just being given a sore ***, if you know what I mean.

    Now to be honest, I've heard enough negative about HR to avoid them but I don't know anything for a fact cause I've never used them. So much of this game is a gamble.

    Sorry I couldn't help you out more.


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    Sketch does have a point: just about any host that has a large customer base is going to have clients who are unhappy with something. Part of that is just numbers. What works for one person and one situation is too much for a second, and not enough for a third...and so on. This doesn't mean that bad reviews should be disregarded, or that hosts with no bad reviews should be suspected. You just need to be aware of what you need, what you may not need, and what is causing people to give the negative reviews.

    Do you have any friends or co-workers who have web sites? If so, can you have them tell you where those sites are hosted, and what their experiences are? Getting personal recommendations may just be the best way to go, if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the information that's available. You may end up paying more than if you chose the least expensive host you could find, but you'd have feedback from current clients who you know. That would give you (possibly) more insight into their hosting needs versus yours.

    And...sorry, but I haven't used either HostRocket or LunarPages, so I can't give you any feedback on either of them.
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    Originally posted by living_media
    Do you have any friends or co-workers who have web sites? If so, can you have them tell you where those sites are hosted, and what their experiences are? Getting personal recommendations may just be the best way to go, if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the information that's available.

    And its sooo easy to become overwhelmed when host searching!
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    Thanks for the welcome Tom, and for the advice Sketch, l_m and Martie.

    Regarding personal rec's from friends, I don't have any friends.

    Just kidding. None of my friends have web sites. Most have very limited tech experience, although I have a few software developer friends, but none of them have websites (I know, weird). I already hit them up.

    So I'm relying on the kindness of strangers on this board, but realize that the rules make it kind of tough to get recommendations (but prevent a wholesale blitz of spam).

    Thanks again.

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    The best move is always to pick a provider that meets your needs and you are comfortable with. A host may offer 34737GB of transfer, but do you really need all that? Most websites use less than 10 GB. Keep that in mind.

    If you're not certain about a host, give them a try, but only pay month to month. Signing up for a yearly plan to get a discounted price can lead to trouble if you are unhappy with them later.

    So basically, just give them a shot and if you're not happy, you can try elsewhere.
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    Sign up with any reputable host that has unconditional moneyback guarantee and play with the account ( get a test domain if you wish )...after a week if you find it good move your imp. sites and stick with them else move on...but if you are short on time..go with likes of etc who charge a bit more but are known to be reliable.

    PS. I do not have any experience myself with though.
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    Wow. Tough spot to be!

    Some further advice: start out at the small end of what you think you'll need, and make sure you're at a host that will allow you to grow (upgrade - or downgrade - whenever you wish).

    Str has a good suggestion there: start out at a host - or even a few at the same time - who offer money-back guarantees. Have a checklist of things to try (test file download speed, test emails, test other features you might end up using), and try each of these things on the different hosts. At the end of the trial period, go with the host that performs the best.

    It's 15 or 30 days of really intense work, but that way you will indeed be able to try and compare several services. Your two smaller corporate sites can be used to test the more advanced features that you'll be using with your later content and ecommerce sites.

    Coach's advice about not paying too much up front is a good one. Start out month to month. If you like their services and they offer a discount for prepayment plans, you can move to a three or six month billing cycle in a half a year, when you've had time to thoroughly test out the service and make sure that yes, this is where you want to be.
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    I would ignore the moneyback guarantee business and judge the host on its merits. A guarantee is only as good as the host itself, and seeing those words only means for sure the pagemaker knew how to encode them.

    Any claims on a page are only that. Either ignore them entirely or try to verify them from a source independent of the host.
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