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    I want to be a reseller in U.S.
    Do I have to make a company for it or just sell it and pay tax?

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    well what is biz plan?
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    If your serious about reselling web space, and not just looking for some extra cash, I suggest you build a company. I mean, why get your toes wet and not just jump in? But, if you don't have the time for it, then I highly doubt you will make any money at all. You need to put in a lot of time and effort. Sometimes working 16-20 hours a day. Just know what your getting into if your serious about this.

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    I believe your required by law to file for a business license if you plan to do more then 1000.00 in sales. Im not a accountant, so your best bet is to consult one. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    Thanks guys for the reply.

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    ill bet the majority of people here do not even have a business license
    if you haven't considered chapter 7 bankruptcy, maybe you should.
    eliminate your debt, keep the property you want, most people qualify.
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    ill bet the majority of people here do not even have a business license
    Well different companies are in different countries which have different laws on licenses. If a business is not required by law to have a license, then it doesn't have to. In other countries this may be different. For example in the UK, no business license is required. As for taxes, any income under 4000 ($7400) per year is tax free.


    [note to newbies: i'm not an accountant - dont base your business on the above comment]
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    Do you spend you whole "very busy" day browsing WHT looking for people to criticize? If your so successful, why are you so worried about other companies not having licenses? Why do you care? A lot of people just starting out don't have licenses, and don't plan on getting one until they feel comfortable.

    Why do you have to come in and make your stupid little posts about how your so much better than everyone else? Stick to your own business.

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