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    A question/suggestion of a newbie

    Is there a trust worthy hosting service rating place? how about

    If there is not, why don't this forum create one?


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    LOL, there really isnt one, although several directories hold ratings but most are just paid slots for ads. Its been discussed several times here some of the higher rated hosts are the worst by far. You can check out some of these places:
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    My take is that WebHostingTalk is more geared towards Web Host to Web Host peer discussions rather than one geared towards a directory listing with ranking for end users to guage web host. Ranking would sort of break that peer-to-peer relationship which is enjoyed here. You get web host here which runs multi-million dollars datacenters sharing experiences with someone who just have a reseller account. With ranking, you might get people alienating each other because one belongs to the 'Top' group and the other ranked extremely low. Ranks create rivalry and that probably is not the very reason why WHT exists. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thanks a lot for your inputs.

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