I'm starting a website called FraggersRealm.com (No site up yet) But the emphasis of the website is on First Person Shooters, mainly CS and HALO..

I want to form a Clan for HALO AND CS, they will play for FraggersRealm.com and I will give a couple pages of the website to the clan, with the clan members pictures, bios, screenshots of scores, etc..

My website will also be hosting some Counter-Strike tournaments in the future.

I will be playing some CS tonight, and would be more than happy to go up against some that might be interested, as I only want good people on the clan, as you will be representing my website..

In the future, if things go well. I would like to purchase a CS Server, for the clan. (Willing that my site takes off, and banner ads pay for the server)

Anyone interested?
Please let me know ASAP!

Thanks again!

<X> Aniond (David/Owner of FraggersRealm.com)