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    Exclamation Stormpay upgrading

    Hello !

    Is there anyone who knows why is Stormpay so long to upgrade, from yesterday ! Thanks for information,


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    No clue. In fact, I totally forgot I have a stormpay account until I read this post hehehe. I like Stormpay - but it's not Paypal.

    I really wish there was a PayPal alternative the worked exactly like paypal, but didn't have all the BS PayPal has. I'd be tempted to start up my own service, but I don't know jack about this type of thing hehe.

    I'd probably be done with PP if it wasn't for their debit card!
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    Fine for you Jeremy, even it doesn't help me ;-) I just need to know if anyone has more information because Stormpay doesn't work from yesterday for "upgrading" reasons -

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    I have been wondering the same thing, didnt even know they were upgrading. They should have sent an email out, I never got anything

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    It's stupid, I'm surprised by that since they're usually serious - they're losing money ! And me too :-(

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