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    What are Control Panels? Your opinions needed

    I've been reading the stuffs posted in this section and went about the pages of control panels developers.

    I'm in the midst of setting up a web server based on windows.
    It seems to be that besides getting the control panel, I still need to get stuffs like web server, dns server, ftp server (I think windows already has it)

    I'm starting to get confused here.

    Has anyone a list of some control panel they use plus the stuffs they install? Like mail server, dns server, stat report, etc


    And also how much does it typically cost for you to set up a web server ready to do hosting? Both linux and windows info will be nice.

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    Plenty of answers to that will result in a search of these forums. Try searching for "control panels" In the topic thread, and "Startup" in the topic thread.

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    Most if not all control panels come with the software you will need. For example cPanel comes with:
    Apache Web Server
    MySQL Database Server
    ProFTPD FTP Server
    Exim Mail Transfer Agent
    Zend OptimizerCURL Support
    GD Library
    FrontPage Extensions
    Perl - Host on Cloudrck
    Unmetered VPS Solutions at it's finest

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