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    Man I am really desperate now, I dont have a lot of money but I need help

    My server goes down every day for the past 2 months, this is not very funny anymore since I am losing customers due to this. Noone can find the problem or the solution. Noone will help me, the person I pay to admin my server cannot help me, the ev1server support will not help me, the author of the script I use will not help me, please I need a pro who can find out what is causing my server to crash everyday. I cannot pay a lot of money since I have lost a lot of customers but I will do my best to try and give you something. Please send me a pm if you are a linux pro and would like to help The thing is everyone who views my logs says that they do not see anything wrong.
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    Whats the script?
    If you can, why not send it to somebody to test on another server?

    if its THAT bad and crashes ALL the time, I'd suggest that you format the HD and reinstall the OS.

    Then keep it running without ANYTHING for a few hours. if it crashes, you have a hardware problem.

    If not, add things from your back up one by one with pauses.

    if it crashes, check the things you added, one of them is bad.

    Thats all the help I can give you... sorry.

    I'm sure somebody will help you out here! come on people!
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    I think the traffic plays a role in it as well which may lead to the crash, plus the size of my site is about 60gigs so it isnt so easy to send to another server

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    There are no specifics as to the program that causes this issue. Is it a custom job or a public/commercial script.

    Regarding the 60gb...why is that a prob...its not like you have to burn CD's and fly down to the datacenter, a simple rsync session will copy to a new machine in 10-18 hours. Yes, you have todo it properly...but doesn't mean its a problem that cannot be taken care of by an admin.

    If the script just hangs in memory and is causing load factor to go up, then you could have rfxnetworks' PRM (process resource monitor) working to kill it when it starts sucking up the CPU. Personally I couldn't get PRM to do its job, so I just wrote my autokill script. If there's a rogue process, it just gets killed swiftly. Can however, lead to mysql db corruption because of the kill9

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    Have you tried posting at the ev1 forums? If so can we please see the thread as it hopefully has more information and someone amy be able to assist you.

    Without more information there is not much anyone can do, you say 'linux pro' so I assume you are talking about Ensim Pro maybe?

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    Do you have RHEL 3.0? If you do the only fix is either to downgrade to RH9 or get on the 2.6.3 kernel. Servermatrix made a custom 2.6.3 kernel to fix these issues with RHEL

    This might be the problem if your box goes really high in load or crashes for no reason


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    Thanks for the input everyone

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    If you are still having problems. If I think I can fix it, my standard rate would be $20/hour, but I am willing to take a look and see if I can fix it first.
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