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    What would you offer for this forum?

    Hello all,

    If this is in the wrong place I apologize ahead of time.

    I am trying to put together an offer for a fairly large site and associated vbulletin forum. The site has an Alexia rating of 810,432. It is well established (4 years), and is a regional outdoor site. Total registered forum members is 5600 (about 1200 of these have zero posts however), with 280K total threads.

    Feb 04 stats:
    Unique Visitors: 21,107 (January: 20,121)
    Number of Visits: 84,928 (January: 88,842)
    Page Views: 1,192,337 (January: 1,244,498)

    Bandwidth: 55.24GB (January (57.48GB)

    Average Visits per day: 2928
    Average Pages per day: 41,115

    I do not think the forum/site is turning a profit and in fact is loosing money at this point. It's run by a private individual and this is his hobby.

    Any ideas of what a reasonable offer would be?

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    1 dollar a member....good luck

    P.s- whats the name of the site<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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    Really? I would have thought a fair offer would be more than that.

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    Its about the ACTIVE members that come in everyday... thats what counts.

    Think about it, if you put google ads there how much money are you going to make?

    next, is it enough to cover the bandwith?
    how much new members are added each day? how fast is it growing?

    I'll say that if that forum is active, offer him 2.5K and spend 1K on promoting the forum like crazy.

    don't forget to put google ads in there...
    you should have your 3.5K investment back in 2months or so...

    At leasts, thats the way it sounds to me... but you know more about the forum then me. use logic.

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