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    Web Host Difficulty


    I having been fretting for days looking for someone/hosting company that will allow me to do the following:

    1. I would (using PayPal preferably) pay for a hosting and domain name package

    2. Upload a site that i have designed to this new domain and space

    2. I sell my site, name and hosting in an online auction

    3. The client buys and pays me for it

    4. I change all the details on the account to theirs (including domain name ownership details and hosting account details)

    5. All hosting account details should become in their name - so that I have no further responsibilities vis-a-vis the hosting account or domain name. So my PayPal information should no longer be on the hosts system or relevant. i.e. I dont want to be charged for another years hosting in one years time.

    The main thing is once I have sold the package I want nothing further to do with it - no obligations - no link to the hosting account or domain name - that is then to be th business of the client.

    This is a way for me to offer my client (whose name I will only know after the auction is complete) a complete package.

    Please do help this has been frustrating me for days - but please do not suggest a resellers package it's not viable for a whole host of reasons - i know this must be possible, but I am not sure how.

    Thanks for your help.

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    A reseller account would fit the requirements of this post...

    Check out the reseller forum

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    Thanks for your post. But I specifically mentioned I would prefer to avoid a reseller account if possible.

    I just want to buy everything and transfer it all to the new client rather than have on-going monthly expenses.

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    Many hosts have 'affiliate' programs - though that's somewhat different than what you're referencing. I think, for these specific needs your best bet is to contact hosts directly and see if they'd be able to handle such an agreement. In short, look for good hosts first, then ask if they can do it.

    Check the offers forum for some hosts, perhaps.
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    HOw much are you looking to spend on the account. I sure hope not 2 dollars or something if your going to keep doing this over and over. Host might be telling you no because of the anticapated work that will be involved with always changing accounts over. Some one will be willing to do it if you pay well.<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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    I need to keep my costs low. But I am not opening one account and then changing it over and over. i will be opening a new account each time and changing it once.

    Any ideas ?

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    This doesn't sound strange at all and I would think you would have no problems locating providers. Please try searching these forums for providers. Once you have a list of providers, check w/ them re your plan. I think most would have no problems w/ this type of setup.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Well, from point of view of Billing and Accounting... if the time period between payment and the Auction is short (<4 weeks) then the host could always keep your payment "unposted" in their billing system and leave it as unresolved credit.

    Later when you have sold, the host could create new customers' account and post that previous credit in his account.

    However, if it drags into more than a month, then so many pending transactions would be a bit of pain in the billing butt. But technically speaking, there's no issues with what you are proposing.

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    It should be a matter of days not weeks.

    Are you interested in helping me with this seeing as you are a host.


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    I have one client which has done this. Hasn't caused either party any inconvenience.
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