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    would you use chianedssl?

    i've heard one very reputable host's admin said sth about chainedssl:

    "have a long history of not working correctly without a ton of testing/configuration and each one has reacted differently"

    is that true? but i've also read that chainedssl is pretty good, all ssl are actually the same except who issue the cert, and some new cert couldn't support older browsers.

    i've bought chainedssl from ev1, now i can't get refund, my host refused to help, i did follow the correct steps to install ssl (from this post, everything was fine but when i try i always give me a empty page.

    what could i do? i heard ev1 doesn't support their ssl buyers, my host doesn't want support, i just read here and there, hopefully i can sort this issue out soon. good luck to me, or i will have to waste that 20 USD cert...

    sorry i inted to put this post under ecom section, mod please help me move.
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    This should really be forwarded to your host.

    Without a domain name we couldn't help you.

    Is your site IP based.

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    oh, it's a ip based domain. my host is the one who said that sentense and they also said certainly they don't support chainedssl! but they never had such announcement!

    i will PM you my domain, spiritAu. thanks.

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    Okay then - if you have WHM access it's very simple to install.
    Perhaps you host just dosn't understand how SSL works.

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