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    Advertise On - VERY LOW PRICE!!

    Advertising is ONLY 10 dollars a month, that's right 10$
    We well only have five banners running a month and we currently have all 5 open.
    Monstergamer currently gets over 500+ traffic a day and more...
    You can see some of are stats here

    All Payment Well Be Done Through Paypal....
    We accept all types of banners, long that it is legal LOL
    If your interested, please email me at [email protected] subject: BANNER

    What you well get when you advertise with us
    Statistics: Login to view them.
    AdViews: Unlimited
    AdClicks: Unlimited
    Expiration date: 1 month

    If you do not want to use a banner on monstergamer then you can all ways have a text link.
    Text Links on monstergamer's footer are 20 dollars a month.
    We are a google page rank 6 and 5.
    text links well be on all pagesof

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    I am interested


    I am interested in advertising on

    I'd like to know where the banners are to be displayed?

    Thank you.

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    banners well be placed on the home page, splash page and the posting page

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