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    FTP Lag


    Just got my first dedicated server - from Server Matrix with CPanel - because of the great flexibility I can have with my websites, although I am a newbie to the dedicated server realm.

    One thing I can't figure out is why SSH, and Dreamweaver's FTP take so long to login, and send commands. For example, I would estimate it takes a good 30 seconds to login to the server from Dreamweaver from my home connection (DSL). From work (T1), I've only logged in once. The rest of the time it gives me an error after a minute about my server being down or not accepting connections. Within SSH, there's lag with *every* command. There's a 5 second lag before I see what I'm typing. There's upto a 10-15 second lag before an 'ls' comes up.

    In WHM / Tweak FTP Settings, I've switched the FTP program from Proftpd to Pure-ftpd, but haven't noticed much difference.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on the problem I have.


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    Check your 'resolver' setup. If the ftp server is trying to lookup the reverse dns for your connection, and it's still using the old cpanel nameservers - it could very likely take a long while.
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