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    Does somebody has experience with this hosting?

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    Try and make an comparison with other Hosting companies discussed here. Also, look into find a host section.

    Worth your efforts.



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    I've been with them for a few months now, there were a few issues with the hardware in the servers they were using and I think they are all fixed now. Nirosh is awesome and will help you wherever he can and replies are fast. I recommend them.


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    They were an excellent host, I grew out of my account and moved. The recent Hardware problems help'd, but they are a great host, with decent support.
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    anyone else?

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    I have been with them for 5 months now and I am very very satisfied. Prices are great and support is ever better. I have always had quick replies and help if necessary.

    There were some issues with hardware but those servers have been replaced. They also listen to the needs of the customers.

    Since I am with them I have not been looking around for another hostprovider.

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    I have been with VON for quite awhile now.
    Mostly I have been happy with them, even through the hardware issues. They recently upgraded to newer servers all around I think.
    The prices are great, and overall the service is good too. They are sometimes a bit slow to respond to some tickets, but the really important stuff gets handled quickly. My only problem with them is a 19 day old ticket to merge my 2 accounts into one. There was good reason to put it off for a day or two sine they had to move all accounts from an old server to the new one it was being replaced with, but that was a week ago and I still have not had my accounts merged...

    However, that is the closest thing I can come to a complaint in the @10 months I have been with them, and that's not much to complain about, it has caused me no downtime.


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    My only experience with them is that they do not reply my questions about their services...
    Maybe they do not like my questions? Must be the font...


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    Did you ask your question on the Forum or did you mail them? They have been rather busy the last weeks with the servers and questions in the forum are not allways answered right away.

    My experience is that if you ask a question using e-mail or the helpdesk function you get a swift response.

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    I know its too early to give a review on them, but I signed up with them a few days ago, for a shared account and it went smoothly. Order the account late in the evening, and welcome mail was there in the next morning.

    I had to submit a tiket for one issue, and they resolved it in a few minutes.

    I am on there server at the NAC, and the site loads up fast.

    Cant give you anymore then that for now.

    Good luck

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    After being a very Happy customer for about 2 years, I am moving out now... I never experienced any hardware problems but the once so very (very very very) fast support has enormously decreased and that's annoying me. Other is issue that the family feeling I had there is gone.

    My advize: for same price 50% more BW and 100% more mb, top notch support with minutes turn around.

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