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    New Dedicated Host verses AIT and EV1

    Hey guys, new to WHT and I need reconmendations...

    Currently I have Dual Xeons with EV1 at a base of $249 with 1g, (2) 73 scsi, and 1200 transfer.

    I also have on order 3 P4 2.8g, 512m, 60g ide with 1000g transfer at $49.

    My experience with EV1 has been very good from a network standpoint, however their prices have just increased a little for new servers, and my impression is that they are no longer the best deal on the block.

    Meanwhile my experience with AIT ( has been horrible. They advertised these p4's for $49 which is by far the best deal Ive seen (I have seen a few celerons at this price). But its been 4 weeks, and they still havent gotten two of the machines up (delays), also they are using 10MBps Half duplex ports, have no tech support to speak of, and are billing me for servers I don't have yet. They even went as far to say that I would NOT get refunded for the time they are billing me without service.

    My questions are two fold:
    1) I need a very good provider for the xeons, since this will be a highly interactive site, so non-cogent bandwidth and decent network connections are important. Who besides EV1 is a good buy in this Dual Xeon market place?

    2) I would love to find an alternative to AIT for cheap P4's without going higher in price or moving to celerons. Any ideas?

    Thanks ahead of time guys, David

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    whenever i see "AIT" i want to puke my brains out.

    They have so many complaints at the BBB because of their shoddy billing practices, it's just amazing.

    always, always do your research before you choose a company...

    that's enough of my rant.

    1) ServerMatrix
    2) 1and1

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    also my advice is stop giving out a dime and expecting $100 worth of services, I mean think about it a p3 for $49 a month with a 1000gigs of transfer thats just so far fetched that common sense would tell you its not something you should want or get but so many people always aiming for the cheapest thing they can find and wondering why it sucks.

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    when you looked for the best deal, you should of considered the rest of the package you will be receiving:
    ie., support, billing, network... in general, after sale services!!

    anyways, my recommendations:

    they TRUELY are the best deal.

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    Trust me when it comes to AIT run away as fast as you can. I could relate teh most horrible story about them and thier billing but I don't think theres enough space in the entire forum for it.
    condensed version:
    1. server ordered
    2. large hold placed on credit card resulting in denial of purchase.
    3. 4 emails a day demanding payment.
    4. 3 weeks to release hold
    5. surrender, tell them to go ahead and give me the damn server
    6. email spam continues, instead of charging credit card they just keep demanding payment.
    7. 20 tickets and escalations later they finally offer to cancel server that was never recieved.
    8. Back to step 3 - demanding payment again 4 times a day.

    get the picture? Even when you want to lease a server they woudl rather play games with yoru credit card and not give you a server.

    (we needed a dev server to build some sites on and actually went with a 120$ which believe it or not has worked 99.9% flawlessly. It's not a 100mb connection (1mbps top speed to everywhere except HE cali) - but it works.)
    Gnax dedicated servers and backup solutions.

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