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    I am planning to create a page for my wife’s Japanese antics gallery in Tokyo. Back in 1997 I wrote a page for my father artist (I am not allowed yet to post the url) using Winword97, Photoshop, and learning some bribes of HTML language here and there. There is nothing fancy in it, no flash or sound.
    Today, after looking around at template sites I have not found anything I like. I am planning something very classy, in dark reds or browns, and modest and serious in the spirit, like a museum would be. I am not really convinced I should use any flash animations.

    Some of my questions:

    - By sticking to old HTML language, will my page look too much from the 90’?
    - Do you know any template sites that would have what I am describing: modest, yet classy templates for an antic shop?
    - What other advice would you have?

    Thanx for any hints. Yvan.

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    I believe the term is "antiques". You do not have to use flash to make a good looking site. Most of my favorite designs have no flash at all. I don't know of any sites that have the type of template you're looking for. Do you have examples of sites you want to emulate? Sites that have a similar style to what you're trying to do? You could setup a contest on some of the design forums and get some good entries.

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    That is the site I made. It is 7 yeras old, and I still like it. But is made with low quality picture, at the time everyone was on modeml, so I wanted it to load fast...

    I would like something more cozy than that. Since antiques (thanx for the speling speedy007h!) will be for sale, it need to be a bit warmer.

    What do you mean by contest, how that would work?

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    Honestly, flash is not needed to make a classy page. IMHO the legacy of flash is dying down now, people like simple designs. I really haven't seen any classy templates, just overplayed hosting ones.

    I think its best if you design the site yourself, or hire someone so that is has that personal touch.

    I personally think you should just design the site, and make a thread in the Website Reviews, and people will critique it for you, so that you can make changes, etc.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    I was writing my reply while you posted yours. After viewing the site, it looks like its from the 90's. The colours and text\graphics make the first page look like its a UFO\space page. The actual pages look rather simple (too simple)

    I hope you don't take any offence to this, as I am just giving my honest impressions.

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    In my opinion it doesn't really matter what you use to create your website. Flash can look "from the 90s" as well as good old html can look classy and professional. It's the miracle they call design...

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    Do you know any site where they would have original template that do not look just flashy and in the trend? I have seen hundreds of templates in the last days, they seem all alike.
    I know I should just do my own design, but I do not have that much time.

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