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    Host Records

    Can someoone help me?

    I just moved to a new dedicated server (had to get away from Burst) and all data is moved, all accounts are set-up on new server, all DNS records changed on my domain names, etc.

    My question is the Host Records on my domain I use for the server. It now has 2 different nameservers on it. If I remove the old nameservers from the Host Record will that kill the other server?

    The reason I am not quite ready for this is a couple of the domain names have not completely propogated yet, so I still want them to function. Do I wait a couple more days before I remove the old name server host records? or does it matter?


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    So what you are saying is you registered 2 new name servers.
    You have set those 2 new name servers as authoritative for the domains ? Yes you should wait till it finishes propagating, usually 24-72hrs.

    What you could have done instead of setting registering new nameservers is have the ip changed on the ones that were current.
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    oh, okay...oops!

    I will just wait a few days, and then remove old name server host records from the domain name.


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