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    dnsreport questions

    Hello WHT,

    I have a client that did a DNS report and i cannot ge tthis one fixed here is the output of the report

    Step 1: Try connecting to the following mailserver:
    [ERROR: A CNAME appeared in the MX records; this is not valid. Mailservers should NOT send to mail.******.org.]
    mail.*****.org. - ***.*.**.0

    how can i get this so it connects and does not give this error? i looked in the zone files and it does have a Cname entry for mail but it is identical to my other sites. when i do an email report for the other sites it comesback clean and connects. im lost. sorry if this is vague as i'm not sure how to explain it correctly its been a long day.

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    It is kinda clear what the problem is.

    The DNS zone file should contain an A record for to an ip address. The way your zone is setup right now is a CNAME record which maps a name to another name.

    for example

    ftp 600 IN CNAME

    A RECORD 600 IN A

    Once you make that change and it propogates then try the dnsreport test again.

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    Do you have the only warning from

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    jus tthat and a couple SOA warns for the time of expire. i got it all sorted out

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