Okay a friend of mine just created an account on my server, and just registered a domain name.. the problem is the second his domain name resolved onto my server he's been receiving 5-10 virus infected emails per day being sent to fake email address on his account. He hasn't even put any content onto his site, and he hasn't even created any email accounts.

I have a RHE cpanel server with mailscanner+clamav on it, and so far mailscanner+clamav has been doing a good job on stopping the emails.. but the thing is the emails are being sent from different email address, and different ips.. so i can't even track down whats going on.

I set his default email account to :fail:, but besides that i'm not sure what else to do. I was thinking maybe if i had the server reject all emails sent to his domain for like two weeks or something, it might minimize the problem alittle.. but i'm really not sure what to do?

Any advice information will be greatly appreciated...Thank you.