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    Question Help Selecting Reseller


    THis is my first post. I'm getting ready to plunge into the hosing biz and i have a couple of questions.

    First of all i've been in the IT business for 5 years mostly in consulting and database analysis. I've been searching for a good hosting company and looking on these forums for the past 2 weeks.

    My needs are small. I plan to hose my website along with some from friends and family. I don't plan to make tons of money, to break even is my goal. I was going to start a website for my family anyway and in researching i decided to get into reselling to cover my costs. I don't plan to spend more than $35/m but i would like good reliability. My main focus is getting the best price/quality ratio.

    I've narrowed down my search from 100 companies to the following:

    Host Gator

    I appreciate your commonents and help for this newbie!

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    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    If you are looking for an reseller space and really wish to spend near to $35/m for 1000MB then you should get best of the facilities and features available.

    Take pain to get the best around to really worth the money you spend.



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    Just a post i made for a member of these forums asking basically the same question. The other thing i would add is look at other people on the same forum looking for a reseller. They have narrowed down their search too and some of them aren't on your list. Try contacting those people and find out how and why they concluded to the hosts they did. They may have taken important factors into account which you haven't and vice versa.

    Why not try contacting the webhost(s)?
    Test their support in all departments. Ask technical questions, ask general 'dumb' questions. If the host appears to answer 'dumb' questions in more detail than advanced 'technical' questions it could be an indication that maybe it tech department isn't so knowledgable.

    Can you ring them for emergencies? Where is their own website hosted? Same server(s)? datacentre? or in a different location (different location is better because if the current location experiences problems, you will still be able to contact the host.
    What methods of support do they have?

    What guarantees do they offer you? If they fail to meet a guarantee, how and when will they reimburse you?

    Do they have any forums to allow members speak their minds amongst themselves or other potential customers?

    All this must be taken into consideration when you are choosing a host and plenty more. They key is to ask ask and ask again. It's the only way you can find out from a first hand experience on how you will be treated and how well they live up to general expectations of a host. Some hosts answer the first 4 or 5 emails, and just can't be bothered answering the rest. So it's important that you ask a lot of questions. Don't feel that you will be a bother to them or anything by asking a lot of questions. You are paying for the service, you are entitled to support. Read the SLA. Do they even have an SLA (service level agreement). Do they have proof from an independant company of uptime? Do a spot check at and check the pings. Do a test download file. Get the server specs etc. etc.

    Find out what is so different about them then any other host?
    As Net-Trend said, do a search on the host here as well to see what others have said about them.

    The reason for asking all these questions is like i mentioned, to get more info about the company. But also to ensure that you're not going to be in this same position in a few months time looking for a new host. Make sure you that you are comfortable with staying with this host for a long period of time

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    Look around and read customer comments and reviews, there are plenty of good webhosts out there.

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    Take ourinternet off your list. They seem to have a lot of problems. Yes I am hosted by ourinternet.

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    lol, DMG doesn't sound so happy.

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    Thanks for the help. I selected Blue Who!

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    You should be very happy with Blue Who, keep us posted on how your stay with them is going

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